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First Deposit Promo
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Start your gaming journey on a higher level, forget about the hassle of learning and begin with great gaming! Be a part of the fun by making your first deposit, which not only is twice as exciting but also brings you some rewards, all-free. Happy hilarious adventure with tremendous rewards is from the start - to play and win? jolly jolly jolly.

Minimum amount: Php 200

Turnover: X20

Game restrictions: Among them, JILI SLOT is the most popular and exhilarating game. Also, FC SLOT with its interactive features brings players into the virtual world of football.

Activity time: Long term

Number of applications: Once

How To Apply:

  1. Before you step into the sphere of public discussion, please complete the registration form first. Real life cybercriminals could easily get these (personal ID, telephone digits, e-mail address and bank details) data points.

  2. Choose the activity that you are most interested in and place it when you deposit.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All promotions fail to apply to more than one person. This implies that IP address cannot be the same/ telephone number cannot the same/ email address cannot be the same, and if we trace duplicate claim or undeserved reward we can confiscate the whole rewards and accumulated capital respectively.

  2. The channel just executed turnover and then requests yourself withdrawal if you are making the withdrawals from your bank account.

  3. In case the player's casino chips are less than 1 peso the system will clear all turnover bonuses.

  4. Registering on ApexSlot is only possible for an individual player and occurring on multiple accounts is not allowed. Furthermore, to prevent fraudulent activities it will be agreed that if a player will create new accounts, ApexSlot have the right to close the account and freeze the funds for an indefinite period.

  5. Any promotional arrangements may be canceled, changed, or terminated unilaterally by ApexSlot without any prior notice. By your presence the application for the position as specified above you give your consent.

Deposit 100 Get 100 Every Week!
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In ApexSlot there are not only welcome bonuses but still our promotions keep getting better and better! Every week you deposit 100 to get extra bonuses. Deposit 200 to enjoy the bonus supply of 200 free, thus having the greater chance of winning. Include the adoption of more interactive elements and larger prizes every single day!

Minimum deposit amount: 100

Turnover: X15

Game restrictions: PLAY ON JILI & FOOTBALL SLOT

Activity time: Long term

Number of applications: Maximum 3 times the week (for example only 6 times a month).

How To Apply:

  1. Please fill in the blank form questions first. (phone number, name of service account, personal name and email).

  2. And when using ‘deposit’, select the activity you want to take part in, so that the system can categorize and book your spot.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All suitable staff members for the offer are limited to one per person. Digital currency transactions leave no data or paper trail, and the account/IP/address/phone/email cannot be the same. If we discover double authentications or abnormalities, ApexSlot Cashback reserves the right to confiscate all the profits.

  2. Applicants should complete turnaround and pass the board before applying for withdrawal.

  3. The system maintains the condition, so if the remaining pot of the player is less than 1 pesos, all bonuses are automatically cleared.

  4. With only one registered account per player ApexSlot is the player's safe first choice for all the games. The ApexSlot case will take the following actions: Ban the player who uses the new accounts unreasonably, and lock the funds to the permanent freeze.

  5. ApexSlot maintains its indubitable right to amend, modify or end this promotion or any constituent thereof. While the terms and conditions of this application include the points mentioned, you agree to them all.

10% Reward for Daily First Deposit
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It's not just about the 1st deposit bonus at; it's about the entire suite of features and services we provide. Level up your game by adding 10% more on your first daily deposit. Support other shows and individuals in the local arts community. Join in daily on a daily basis for more thrills and bigger rewards!

Minimum deposit amount: Php 200

Turnover: X12

Game restrictions: The FC Credibility of Us and Jili slot are well acknowledged In the crypto gaming industry.

Activity time: Long term

Number of applications: Once a day

How To Apply:

  1. Kindly fill-in the undies first. (mobile number, account number for withdrawals, full name and your email address).

  2. Choose the activity which you want to be a part of when you are entering your donation.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All (discounts are not applicable, apart from the promotion that is limited to one person). This implies for one, an impossibility to use a similar IP/Bank account/Mobile number/Email address, and if we find duplicates or false claims of the rewards/profits, ApexSlot keeps the right to seize all the reward and profit.

  2. Participants first and foremost need to withdraw their money from the account as a prerequisite before they can apply for withdrawal.

  3. In case the player dropped the amount of cash in his wallet below the value of 1 peso, the system will delete all the promotion turn over.

  4. A player can log in to one account that is registered via ApexCasino. If the player keeps creating new accounts and has a consistent repetition of the infraction, ApexSlot has the legal ground to block/terminate/freeze the account together with all the funds that stays in it.

  5. Apex Slot reserves the right to amend, alter the promo or terminate it any time. In your job application for this promotion, you agree to all of the above terms and the conditions listed.

Get 200 Points Daily! Share your Luck on Facebook!
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Wishing to get free loyalty points by which you can get gift cards? Everything now is quite simple and easy to get 200 points each day in ApexSlot, just do it. 

How To Participate:

  1. Make sure you take a screenshot of proof that you made an account (when you registered), then after that show the screenshot of your withdrawal record page + money received on ApexSlot that day on Facebook.

  2. Post must be public.

  3. Messages must have a hashtag on the bottom #apexslot #200Points #legit #vouchers #casino

How To Apply 200 Points

  1. Shoot screenshot as evidence(require all hashtags to be printed on the evidence). 

  2. 24/7 customer service in place.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All others/shots have not been repeated by the person. Therefore such accounts are not allowed to be the same IP address/bank account/mobile phone/email address. ApexSlot has the right to confiscate all the awards and profit if we report they are detected to be merged or not claimed properly.

  2. A player is registered in Apex Slot’s system only once, so he / she may use one account at a time. If such a situation happens and a player who violated the rules repeatedly creates new accounts, ApexSlot will block these accounts and put the funds in a safe.

  3. ApexSlot reserves the right to conduct changes, modifications, or termination of this offer or any of its components at any given time. In applying for the position, you naturally accept the conditions outlined in the above paragraphs.

VIP Upgrade & Birthday Reward
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VIP Upgrade & Birthday Reward Details
Download the APP and get up to 99 for free
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Let us bicker download the ApexSlot app and obtain a golden egg t! The road to big payouts starts immediately upon hitting the spot (button).

Turnover: Bonus amount *1

Activity time: Long term

Number of applications: Once

How To Apply:

  1. Please fill in your key information on the single pager form after. The type of information is (the phone number, account withdrawal, real name and email).

  2. Right after downloading the APP, you will ‘receive’ Golden Egg Tickets.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To ensure fairness to everyone, all promotions are only permitted to one per person. Having a distinct IP/bank account/mobile phone/email address, the winning instance should not be the same. Our phrase should not be referred to as duplicates, and we will hold the power to seize all the rewards and profits if we detect the inappropriate award.

  2. Players are entitled to withdraw earnings only after a completed turnover (that is, completing a certain amount of trading).

  3. In case the player's credit is lower than 1 peso, the system will put everything in the bonuses and start it from scratch.

  4. A player can only have one registered account in ApacheBaklava. If it is proven by us that a player is actively opening and creating new accounts, ApexSlot can disallow the player and block the winnings for certain.

  5. ApexSlot is granted the privilege to alter the campaign, clear some parts from it or close it completely. On taking up this job endeavor, you will meet all the above stipulations.

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